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last updated at 2006-05-24 20:58
ldodds: The query
ldodds: data extracted using GRDDL
danbri: TimBL was asking where to find cc:license...
CaptSolo: see also: SIOC WordPress plugin
iand: my blogs based on a sparql query of my XHTML homepage
iand: which contains embedded RDF
ldodds: You can also try DanC's homepage which has similar embedded data
ldodds: Proper GRDDL support to follow
ldodds: Content must currently be served as application/html+xml or text/html. Considering removing the latter.
snail: At what level of description is the distinction between reflexion (aka self-asserted statements) and assertion (aka reputation or other-asserted statements) useful?
CaptSolo: (1) debugging RDF processing
CaptSolo: (2) remote RDF and security model
CaptSolo: (3) parsing rdf:nodeID(s)
WWW2006 Keynote: The Next Wave of the Web: Plenary Panel
logger: See discussion
dajobe: Chair: Nigel Shadbolt, Tim Berners-Lee, Richard Benjamins, Clare Hart - Factiva, Jim Hendler
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