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last updated at 2006-05-10 15:58
future of jena discussion
libby: priorities, next interesting things to do
dajobe: Q:standardise it as a Java API? A: yes thought about it a few years ago, thought was too early then.
dajobe: would sitll be interested in it
libby: comment: use in alternative languages. java and rdf aren't that friendly
libby: Q:make query faster, allow hinting?
libby: A:andys: some work going on on this esp for persistent queries; needs to know which types are slow. can give hinting but then moving away form semi-structured db
logger_2: See discussion
ldodds: a personal information management system based on RDF
OwenDavies: Demo currently available on the site. Installation files for it due in June '06
libby: very useful this sort of thing
dajobe: for catching rdf:typo
ldodds: EyeBall 2 coming soon...
ldodds: how to describe models using RDF, then access them from Jena
ldodds: can be used to create models with default content, apply rules, etc
ldodds: there's also a how-to
Paper Gloze: XML to RDF and back again
libby: by Steve Battle
libby: can;t find a paper yet
libby: will appear in jena contribs soon
ldodds: speaker notes its currently being used to map between schema versions in an application, amongst other uses
ldodds: maps XML into RDF, so it can be worked on with Jena tools, then write results back to XML
danja: Leigh Dodds (ldodds)
libby: lots of nice pictures of slugs in the talk
ldodds: Project website
ldodds: tool for creating faceted-browsing interfaces onto objects described in RDF
ldodds: uses local data sources, and has integrated harvester for aggregating remote data
libby: version I cobbled together for SWBP WG apps and demos
libby: (all the errrors there are due to me not dave's code :-)
ldodds: Abstraction over several Java RDF APIs. Includes Jena and Sesame
Kriegel: seems to use templates/typed collections from Java 5.0
ldodds: add/rermoveStatement; SPARQL CONSTRUCT and SELECT are supported
ldodds: generates Java object model from ontology
danbri: Wondering how it compares to schemagen Jena utility. I think the crunch w/ this sort of stuff comes where you're using properties in 1 namespace against instances of classes in another.
ldodds: schemagen only provides objects for Resources/Properties; basically a convenience to avoid hard-coding URIs everywhere
ldodds: RDFReactor goes slightly farther to create domain objects
danbri: (from slide), getName would return a single name property, throw an exception if multiple values found... (can this behaviour be tuned? given age=23 and age=23, i'd rather get '23' as an answer than an exception...)
ldodds: Java dynamic proxies an alternative that code generation. But proxies difficult to debug, extend, etc
ldodds: discussion contrasts RDFReactor with Java annotation approach
dajobe: fundamental difference seems to be enhanced type-safeness when you generate with RDFReactor
libby: a paper on it, not sure how old (pdf)
ldodds: planning to release code later in year
ldodds: contact developers for updates
libby: today! and tomorrow
libby: schedule
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