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last updated at 2005-10-19 13:49
ndw: OASIS TC Call for Participation: OASIS Semantic Execution Environment Technical Committee
benja: "Semantic execution" means "semantic web services."
benja: Chartered to create an "architecture and information model" document.
erim: The D2P Database-to-Piggybank Bridge is an extension to the Piggybank Semantic Web browser which makes information stored in rational databases accessible to Piggybank using D2RQ mappings. The bridge allows you to browse the content of non-RDF databases using Piggybank and to collect data from relational databases into your local Piggybank RDF store.
chimezie: The first step in an eventual complete migration from 4rdf to rdflib as the primary RDF persistence mechanism for 4Suite
chimezie: This 'driver' implements a mapping from the 4RDF Model interface to the (developing) rdflib store interface
chimezie: Amongst other things, this provides the ability to execute Versa queries on rdflib store instances.
chimezie: The driver module.
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