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last updated at 2005-04-20 21:54
crschmidt: Since balbinus's is offline, I decided to throw one together
crschmidt: Is less featured, but does put together a decent file to start with
crschmidt: Link your DOAP files here!
libby: if it's a semweb application or demo you could also add it here on SemanticWebDOAPBulletinBoard
libby: doap-a-matic is temporarily broken: best bet is to copy an example such as redland doap or julie or pigsty
libby: or you could use chris' version or bengee's if you register
danja: | SparqlSphere - formerly known as SparqlyRssThing
Next FOAF Meeting May 18th@17Z
crschmidt: Same bat time, same bat channel - third wednesday
mortenf: May 18th @ 17Z in your tz
Fun Stuff
crschmidt: Libby asks that we all link our photo galleries from our FOAF files a la pigsty-style
crschmidt: sparql for julie
libby: the gargonza experiment - a community coming out of rdf4food, not quite set up yet though
libby: re gargonza thing: so mail us if you'd like to join - there's now a mailing list which will have an archive, and we can give people access to the site using svn. the wiki's opento all of course
FOAF Specification Issues
crschmidt: danbri requests "something like foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf"
crschmidt: General opinion is that primaryTopicOf is a good property, with ample warning that more specific properties like foaf:homepage are used where appropriate.
crschmidt: property would have Domain/Range of Resource/Document
crschmidt: ACTION danbri to write up as issue :)
mortenf: primaryTopicOf could also be used for atom integration
mortenf: foaf:homepage could be rdfs:subPropertyOf foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf
crschmidt: Discussion of past properties vs. current properties, started by kasei
crschmidt: Can't say "I used to work here" like you can for projects, but it's hard to say much about it anyway - no when, no information, etc.
crschmidt: discussion of using whois namespace alongside CV namespace for describing when you used to something
crschmidt: And keeping the workplaceHomepage prop meaning "where I work now"
crschmidt: Discussion leads to the idea of changing around currentProject, workplaceHomepage to be more consistent, changing to props like workplaceHomepage, meaning "now", and a seperate workplace property, pointing to a collection of information about it, possibly including dates when you worked there
crschmidt: ACTION kasei to write up proposal to mailing list
crschmidt: Completed specgen rewrite, is now being used to generate FOAF spec
mortenf: mortenf's action re weblog/planet continues...
crschmidt: issue status is: work continuing on specgen, foaf website nearing completion, mortenf still going through issues and sending on to mailing list (and more people always welcome)
logger: See discussion
crschmidt: Christopher Schmidt
mortenf: attending: mortenf
dajobe-lap: Dave, eating
benja_: Benja, lurking
CaptSolo: attending Uldis Bojars
libby: attending: libby
jesperll: attending: jesperll
kasei: attending: gregory williams
bengee: somewhat attending: bengee
danja: hereabouts: danja,
crschmidt: mortenf also to continue "mortenf: ACTION: mortenf to complete writeup, include main alternatives in docs" from BirthdayIssue
crschmidt: Meeting Closed
logger: See discussion
jsled: "We present a framework called Semantic Streams that allows users to pose declarative queries over semantic interpretations of sensor data."
jsled: from Microsoft Research.
jsled: (via)
dajobe: 2 page summary of sparql
dajobe: managed to sneak a turtle reference into about 3/4 of a page too
crschmidt: Very nice summary
crschmidt: 1700 UTC
libby: agenda+ getting people to link galleries, calendars etc from foaffiles
dajobe: congrats eric, andy
AndyS: Download ARQ from SourceForge
AndyS: New syntax with Turtle-style triple patterns
AndyS: Comments to please
AndyS: Jena web site and download
sbp: Written in Python (yay)
GabeW: No guarantee its 100% compliant (feedback welcomed)
sbp: Which DanC actually started about an hour earlier, and GabeW and I discussed for an hour more.
sbp: The XRI Intro (V2.0, WD) got us started on this, but GabeW didn't think it sufficient as an explanation for #swig types so he graciously stayed around to answer questions.
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