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last updated at 2005-01-27 22:13
danbri: (authored on a Sony Ericsson P800, published via MMS/email to weblog gateway).
dajobe: or HTML
dajobe: this url will die
libby: not rdf. anone know anything about it? possibly related to OAI
jsled: Effort to RDFize food-related meta-data, around the supply chain I believe.
jsled: (BTW, Is "doa-" the new "-ml"?)
danbri: A note I sent to SWBP WG. The MusicBrainz project is adding a mechanism for community annotation of more varied relations between artists, albums etc.
danbri: Some are simple binary relations (such as eg:coverVersion, or eg:samplesFrom); others are time indexed, such as eg.playedWith (from: 1972, to 1966), or even eg:marriedTo. This is all in an SQL database managed through a Web interface.
danbri: Question is, how best to represent these qualified relations, and whether we'd want to represent the 'base' relation as well as a (lowercase 'r') reified version.
danbri: So "x eg:marriedTo y" might be the basic thing, but we'd have something like eg:MarriedToRelation as a class, with properties of its instances pointing to the subject/object and to date qualifier information.
danbri: My note points to a current serialization, but this is I think pretty much up for discussion.
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