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last updated at 2005-01-22 19:44
danbri: See preventing comment spam in Googleblog.
danbri: I think the thread I linked to might've begun on www-html-editor; that was earliest msg I found.
danbri: The entire thread isn't hyperlinked from this start point, so the index page might be handy.
danbri: I was wondering whether we can read 'x nofollow y' in doc x as saying 'this doc x doesn't follow (ie. support, endorse) the claims of doc y'.
danbri: But given such a formulation, I can see _all_ offsite links from legally-cautious sites ending up with such a disclaimer attribute.
danbri: Mark Birbeck seems completely unpersuaded (not just re name). I think he might miss the intended use-case though (comments / sharing of untrusted hypertext content, not just blog entry links).
danbri: He has a counter-suggestion using class/div stuff, which might be worth considering.
danbri: I sent www-html and friends some comments and a redraft of the proposed definition.
danja-alt: Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives, Ancona, Italy 2004-12-10
danja-alt: featuring GiovanniT, ChristianM and l'il danja
danbri: "We report on a recent study of the way FOAF and other semantic web ontologies are being used to describe people and their social relations." (links to PDF article)
danbri: Cites their foafpub dataset, a snapshot of 7118 foaf docs from 2044 IP addresses (201k triples), from late 2004.
danbri: "VisioOWL is a Microsoft Visio application to support the use of Visio for creating graphical representations of OWL ontologies."
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