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last updated at 2005-01-02 16:10
dajobe: an RDF graph is a "partially labelled directed pseudograph with unique node labels." -- Pat Hayes
PhUrl: """Rationalizing data across an enterprise is a problem so hard that it's only been attacked piecemeal. However, the stars are aligning for real progress """
PhUrl: ... """Finally, other stars aligning include Web services, service-oriented architecture, and evolving information sharing standards based on XML, the Semantic Web, Resource Description Framework (RDF), and ontology ? and what the newer and major enterprise application vendors are doing to take advantage of standards."""
PhUrl: """Next time someone tries to sell you some software that appears to be a bit too close to sleight of hand, check very carefully the customer references of people actually using the software in this way. According to a leading industry analyst, only two EII vendors can give any decent customer references at all. """
PhUrl: """The software industry has years of practice of writing convincingly argued whitepapers that spin a compelling case, yet only when customers hand over hard cash do they seriously invest in the development to make it work. Always remember the caution used in the wonderful film The Princess Bride: "Life is pain, and anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something."""
PhUrl: """The semantic web, if it ever comes to anything, will resolve the problem by helping website creators provide a context for the material they publish, turning the web into a database that can be efficiently searched rather than today?s massive collection of linked documents.Unfortunately its development is proceeding painfully slowly, and the chances of tens of millions of existing sites being upgraded are clearly slim."""
PhUrl: """The problem lies in the installed base ? the people who are already using the programs, websites, keyboards or whatever other technology.""" ... """And they are not going to change."""
PhUrl: Contains two small bugs/undocumented features in cwm
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