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last updated at 2004-08-08 22:00
danbri: Quick 1-page hack to emit RDF/N3. It should really emit RDF/XML too (content negotiated?), and be packaged as a Wordpress plugin, and be integrated (somehow) w/ FOAF plugin.
danbri: Eg., FOAF plugin could be tweaked to point to SKOS categories for this installation, perhaps.
danbri: Use cases are vague and not written down, but I've a hunch this could be useful ;)
danbri: See example installation on my blog (may be offline / under dev't).
danbri: See also more on SKOS (an RDF vocab for thesauri and suchlike).
danbri: Quick graphed example to show structure.
MarkB: didn't realize this was available. I wonder how accurate it is?
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