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last updated at 2004-04-05 17:22
sh1mmer: From the left Brian McBride, Tom Croucher, Reto Bachmann-Gmuer, Yoshio Fukushige, Libby Miller
sh1mmer: Taken at the 2004 W3C Technical Plenary in Cannes
libby: some metadata
bijan: An intersesting symposium, but Terry Payne also did some nice Semantic Web Site hacking for it.
bijan: One nice bit was a FOAF (in the original sense) like feature. If you entered your name in one form it would find all the people who'd coauthored with your coauthors but not with you. These were "people you might want to talk with."
bijan: Presumably about the quirks of your coauthors.
bijan: It will also select talks you "should" go to based on that criterion.
bijan: So, we move from trust networks to kvetch networks.
DanC: I was encouraged to read GUha's paper, the machine learning paper, the model checking paper, the time paper
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