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last updated at 2004-03-24 20:05
[GNU]-: I looked for his work on Calendar Agents
next RDF Calendar meeting
DanC: in two weeks. Wed 7 Apr 14:30 UTC seems to have critical mass. see time near you
DanC: stay tuned for an agenda from libby, about 24hrs in advance
libby: as rdf iCalendar, displayed using XSLT
libby: by Masahide Kanzaki
danbri: At www2004
RDF Calendar meeting, today 24 March 2004 1530UTC, here on #rdfig
libby: 1530utc in other timezones
libby: I've sent some agenda ideas to the list but they haven't turned up yet, so can't link to them...
DanC: regrets: chaalsMEL
DanC: see also RdfCalendar wiki topic, www-rdf-calendar list archive, RDF calendar workspace
DanC: see also meeting proposal
DanC: see notes on previous meeting, 4Feb
danbri: Regrets, I have an unexpected meeting.
libby: some possible topics from mailing list/irc
libby: attending Libby Miller
paulc: attending Paul Cowles
masaka: attending Masahide Kanzaki
eikeon: lurking eikeon
LrdDNattor: attending Robin Millette
bryceb: lurking bryceb
Ol: attending Olivier Gutknecht
DanC: attending some parts: Dan Connolly
zool: i know this isn't very rdfiggy, but could relate to the DAWG geo use cases
danbri: It's plenty RDFIG-gy (SWIGgy) zool, thanks for keeping us posted :)
danbri: "Creating a Fun and Safe Internet Environment for Children"
danbri: Meeting report from January 24, 2004 gathering, includes some presentation materials.
danbri: Interesting tale of standards adoption and collaboration...
danbri: See also version with adverts that the site would prefer you to visit before going to the nice all-in-one-page printable version I originally linked.
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