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last updated at 2004-02-18 15:14
formalizing a Curriculum Vitae
DanC: ok, so I recently updated my CV for some proposal...
DanC: and, having GRDDL on the brain, I'm inclined to transform it to RDF
DanC: surfing for resume ontologies... found a DAML homework ontology
DanC: hmm... employerCity and schoolCity; why not employer, school, and city?
DanC: hmm... BIO in SchemaWeb
DanC: no, that seems to be about births and deaths
DanC: hmm... Resume schema in RDF discussion Jun 2002
DanC: hmm... foaf group properties don't seem to capture the linkedIn structure of person, position name, company name
DanC: ooh... Who's who description vocabulary looks like what I'm after
DanC: very nice... with examples and everything. (hmm... CDATA... fear of parseType="Literal"?)
DanC: ok, that'll do for today: vita.rdf generated via grokCV.xsl
CaptSolo: see Modelling resume data in RDF
CaptSolo: and the schemas referenced there-in: cv.rdfs and base.rdfs
CaptSolo: if you have ideas for improvement, please go to the related blog article (CV & RDF) and comment it!
jhendler: i've been working the other direction -- I want my cv generated from info on the Sem Web
jhendler: my mindswap page is a start
jhendler: turns an RDF query against our website's RDF DB into a custom generated page - so, for example, if anyone adds a paper in whcich I am an author, it adds it to my papers section
sbp: by Frank Halasz and Mayer Schwartz
golbeck: If you want to help with the trust project (, but you don't want to look up and type in all of those addresses, try this.
golbeck: A simple perl script that takes any text-based address book, and creates a pre-filled in HTML form that you can use to begin the trust-o-matic process of assigning ratings
karlcow: EXIF RDF Schema done by Kanzaki and transfered to the W3C Web site for deployment
karlcow: I have finally the Exif Schema documentation (first draft).
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