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last updated at 2003-12-31 18:46
dajobe-lap: try with my validator
libby: "Jpegrdf reads and manipulates RDF metadata stored in the comment section of JPEG images. It can extract, query, and augment the data."
danbri: A short piece on 'social networks' software, trends etc. It seems to use 'FOAF' partly as a generic term for real human networks, partially as a technical term. I guess this is inevitable, the name choice pretty much invites this.
danbri: This is from a column in the Entertainment section, of all places. Touches on the spam problem too.
danbri: In the FOAF spec this aspect of the name does get mentioned, I'm happy to say:
danbri: "The name was chosen to reflect our concern with social networks and the Web, urban myths, trust and connections. Other uses of the name continue, notably in the documentation and investigation of Urban Legends (eg. see the alt.folklore.urban archive or, and other FOAF stories."
danbri: "Our use of the name 'FOAF' for a Web vocabulary and document format is intended to complement, rather than replace, these prior uses. FOAF documents describe the characteristics and relationships amongst friends of friends, and their friends, and the stories they tell."
danbri: According to the CNN piece, "While many young people and coastal hipsters are swarming to the saucy social scene at Friendster, the idea of FOAF networks is still hashing itself out in geekland. Some techies want to make FOAF code free and standard across Web sites, out of the control of various commercial vendors."
danbri: When they write... "FOAF software tools such as Friendster, Tribe, Tickle, Ryze, LinkedIn and others help to make social networks visible and explicit." they are crediting too much to FOAF-the-technology-and-or-project, but its an interesting trend.
dajobe: congrats timbl
dajobe: RELATED INTERNET LINKS: ... Semantic Web roadmap
DanC: also in W3C news archive
DanC: "This is an honor which applies to the whole Web development community, and to the inventors and developers of the Internet, whose work made the Web possible, " stated Berners-Lee.
DanC: "I accept this as an endorsement of the spirit of the Web; of building it in a decentralized way; of making best efforts to keep it open and fair; and of ensuring its fundamental technologies are available to all for broad use and innovation, and without having to pay licensing fees."
dajobe: www.knighthood for publicity-shy inventor of the world wide web in the UK Independent newspaper
danbri: See also Sir-fing The Net in the Mirror.
danbri: [...]"So many things could have gone wrong, so we spent all our time explaining how it could work, and persuading people it would work." (timbl a/c to the Mirror)
danbri: "208238 restaurants - 26440 reviews - 49334 links to reviews - 0 editors"
danbri: 0 editors? Anyone know status of this project?
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