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last updated at 2003-12-28 19:10
danbri: A FOAF browser, written for Windows .NET, documented in Japanese.
danbri: See autotranslation for English-like overview. There are also screenshot towards the end of the page.
kota: FOAFWalker works only for generated by Cocolog (Japanese TypePad) FOAF files. Hope it will do for all FOAF files :)
danbri: Any idea why? Is it the syntax? what about files at least?
mortenf: The Charette Relationship Set provides specific terms necessary to create semantic webs of informal interpersonal relationships.
mortenf: by Michael S. Scherotter
danbri: Reminds me of something. I've just joined the mailing list...
danbri: Anyone tried MindManager?
Jhendler: using Jen Golbeck's conference ontology
Jhendler: (based on foaf)
Jhendler: The metadata is for a photo of the keynote by TimBL
Jhendler: note there's also a subregion designating Tim in the larger photo
Jhendler: which can be seen if you go to Image demo page for this image
Jhendler: and click on the thumbnail -- so you can see the image w/the svg overlay
Jhendler: related to WWW photo markup project)
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