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last updated at 2003-12-22 16:32
DanC: Perhaps companies that think they can force us to listen to their messages --- their banners, their interruptive graphic crawls over the pages we're trying to read --- will realize that our ability to flit from site to site is built into the Web's architecture. They might as well just put up banners that say "Hi! We don't understand the Internet. Oh, and, by the way, we hate you."
timbl: As an example of the mistake, lack of interop in phone IM applications. Why does the carrier have anything to do with it?
danja_alt: slides, reading list
danja_alt: mostly papers available online
danja_alt: a little old, no semweb stuff
danja_alt: (warning: may cause hurty-head)
mdupont: Quote from first paragraph : ""An agent is an animate entity that is capable of doing something on purpose. That definition is broad enough to include humans and other animals, the subjects of verbs that express actions, and the computerized robots and softbots. But it depends on other words whose meanings are just as problematical: animate, capable, doing, and purpose. The task of defining those words raises questions that involve almost
mdupont: every other aspect of ontology.""
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