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last updated at 2003-12-20 13:15
danbri: "I've added a much nicer looking screenshot of Topicalla, now with images and anti-aliased fonts. It shows a UI of a single FOAF file. "
danbri: "The UI elements to use are determined from the data in the FOAF file. Some additional data is loaded from, although the loading part isn't handled automatically yet."
danbri: Looks rather nice. Allows for UIs defined with XUL templates (RDF graph matching); ReoPath (Neil's RDF path language), as well as -- new feature -- XPath and XML datasources.
danbri: Also interesting re MusicBrainz/FOAF/RSS/GeoInfo combination in a single UI:
danbri: oops that might've been a bit big for an inline image. oh well :)
danbri: See also topicalla developer site ("a microcontent client for the Semantic Web")
danbri: I've not got it running yet. Anyone else? (maybe a new snapshot is needed...)
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