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last updated at 2003-12-07 23:46
dajobe-lap: how do you politely answer this question?
dajobe-lap: I'd like to be able to use the CC schema at in non-RDF XML. This is because the schema should be useful to people who, right or wrong, aren't willing to pay the RDF tax. A lot of people will not use RDF at this point, and there's no technical reason why that should prevent them from using the CC schema.
DanC_jam: there is a technical reason: namespace mixing is solved for RDF, but not for XML. CC metadata is much more useful when it's mixed with other metadata, like title, author, etc.
public key exchange at XML 2003
DanCon: looking for good pgp howto stuff...
DanCon: odd; this howto sounds all paranoid, but then suggests checking the pgp source code with an md5 obtained from the same source as the code. what good is that?
DanCon: The GNU Privacy Handbook looks good
toward SVG business cards from foaf data
DanCon: 750 point bounty for an XSLT (or perl/python/whatever) doodad that takes my foaf file (with my name, title, employer's logo, my photo, my pgp fingerprint, phone number, and email address) and makes a nice business-card-sized SVG thingy
DanCon: extra 200 points if it takes an SVG template, and 3 example templates are supplied
DanCon: on the back I'd like to have the info itself, in N3, signed using cwm's crypto stuff
mdupont: Starting of a RDF RAD PHP install. Not working yet.
DanC: nice homepage layout/organization
DanC: hmm... connections to RSS and such? to RDF query WG-to-be?
DanC: connections to semwalker?
DanC: Epiphany does bookmarks with RSS and flat topics with dc:subject property, Nature uses RSS for kinds of bookmarks to their documents and Urchin for searching, Sony research project used RSS for image annotations etc. etc.
DanC: hmm... RSS as universal delta carrier?
danbri: ...and Mozilla uses RDF internally as its bookmarking representation, with a toHTML() mechanism for serializing it on disk.
danbri: The Mozilla RDF stuff is inadequately documented. Ryan Lee when at W3C did some work reverse-engineering their vocab, which is a dropped ball of mine now.
danbri: re Mozilla, the mozilla rdf pages have a bit more info. Also xulplanet doc is good.
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