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last updated at 2003-12-05 14:22
dajobe: uses rdflib
danbri_dna: Uses Six Apart's TypePad software, each weblog has a FOAF file. (url + foaf.rdf)
danbri_dna: There are apparently 5m Nifty customers who can get a free account on this...
danbri_dna: I found a page mentioning the rss and foaf support, but my Japanese doesn't extend beyond recognising about 4 katakana symbols
libby: whoa! neat. scalability...cough
SWAD-Europe tshirt meeting, here on #rdfig at 11:00 GMT for an hour
libby: Liz has some designs to show us
logger: See discussion
libby: Liz's designs: men's front,women's front, back
libby: comments welcome :)
libby: todo - talk to W3C and rest of SWAD-E team about design, decide on numbers, decide on languages, check langauge text; final decision on slogans
danbri_dna: Allows event-triggered applescripts to be attached to folders (via a GUI config panel) in Mac OS X.
danbri_dna: SemantiMac things to try:
danbri_dna: On add/edit to ~/Library/Calendars/ of .ics files, generate the RDF.
danbri_dna: Similar re changes to Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml or MP3s dropped in that filetree.
danbri_dna: Similar, re extraction of XMP metadata from PDFs, EXIF etc from JPEGs in Pictures/iPhoto Library/ and comments/structure from AlbumData.xml
danbri_dna: The demo applescript runs on addition of a file to a folder. Things to investigate: work w/ subfolders too? file-edit events? how to make applescript run Python, Perl etc scripts for conversions?
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