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last updated at 2003-11-10 22:39
sandro: Nice, danbri.
mmealling: jabber session log
mmealling: The Host Identity Protocol is used to establish a rapid authentication between two hosts and to provide continuity of communications between those hosts independent of the networking layer.
mmealling: essentially the problem is that IP addresses are not enough to identify a _host_ which is the granularity of authentication and other services.
mmealling: jabber log of the presentation
mmealling: Essentially, this uses DNS NAPTR resource records to provide one more layer of redirection for service lookup than is feasible with SRV records.
mmealling: the powerpoint is here
mmealling: sample code
mmealling: How I would do directories with XML....
DanC: "I offer a 1000 point bounty for a demonstration HTTP+RDF system that meets their requirements" -- DanC 8Oct
DanC: nifty... gotta try it out...
DanC: nifty... logs
DanC: seems IETF has leapfrogged W3C here.
DanC: this is a blessing and a curse, of course. With the opportunity to participate remotely in real-time comes some level of obligation to do so, at least for me.
DanC: mmealing seems to be ConnectingAudiences
DanC: agenda shows, for example, calsch meeting tomorrow (11Nov) at 0900 America/Chicago
DanC: I'd like to grok sasl better.
DanC: 1545 tues
DanC: 1930 Tues IETF Administration Plenary incl "PROBLEM and IESG's proposal for reform efforts"
DanC: Thu 13Nov 1300 aaa Authentication, Authorization and Accounting WG
DanC: New IETF Standards Track Discussion BOF (newtrk) Thursday, November 13 at 1530-1730
mmealling: xed: replace ber in ldap w/ xml [asn becomes a schema language]
DanC: I did some research in this area back in April: vCard, MIME Directory, LDAP, and ASN.1
mmealling: draft-legg-xed-glue-xx.txt defines a way of importing XML Schema, RELAX NG, etc into ASN.1 specifications. "This is the hook for defining non-ASN.1 attribute syntaxes and provides a way to embed XML in BER.
mmealling: XED web site
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