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last updated at 2003-09-29 21:01
DanC: Alloy
DanC: found via ResourceModel in the RESTwiki, thanks to Walden Mathews
DanC: might be just what I need now that my larch tools are rotting
DanC: 21 Sep 2003 by libby
DanC: ooh... alloy case studies includes one where "We used Alloy to analyze DAML+OIL ontologies."
DanC: 2.1.3 No Sets or Scalars in the reference manual (PDF): "In Alloy,every expression denotes a relation.So there won t be any sets of atoms;they ll be represented by unary relations.And there won t be any scalars;they ll be represent- ed by singleton unary relations that is,relations with one column and one row."
DanC: "The keyword in was picked to capitalize on this pun:it can mean subset or membership. There s no risk of confusion because there are no sets of sets in Alloy."
DanC: no uncle problem here! "cousins =grandparents.~grandparents -siblings -iden [Person ]"
DanC: 3.2.3 Ternary Fields ... Alloy's approach to NaryRelations
Dublin Core conference
DanC: see log of danbri's notes etc.
DanC: see also DC-2003 Homepage
DanC: Seattle, Washington, USA. 28Sep-2Oct 2003
DanC: speakers include Mary Lee Kennedy
DanC: Unprojected lat/long
DanC: Peter H. Dana 9/20/94
reagleBRKLN: "design is like a mortgage"
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