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last updated at 2003-09-11 22:40
DanC: a .tgz, not a page to read
mdupont: is the Prolog compiler
Aredridel: I wrote this last night for a couple friends who Weren't Getting It.
Aredridel: It's not complete, it's not 100% correct, but it gets some concepts across.
mdupont: advogato article about the semantic web meets dotgnu
mdupont: 60,000 subject strong n3 document that contains 200,000 statements about a prolog engine written in c.
DanC: namespaceDocument-8 is pretty much a discussion of RDDL, FYI
DanC: so anybody who wants the TAG to consider their input on RDDL, send to www-tag
DanC: by Terry Stanley & Mark Miller
DanC: nifty work on integrated docs and tests
DanC: "The chapter serves as checkable documentation about the Vector class"
DanC: I hope cwm grows documentation of this style
danbri: See documentation for details.
danbri: Of interest here as we can now write FoafAxioms relating to gender, eg. family tree stuff.
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