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last updated at 2003-09-05 21:51
danbri: As announced to RDF Interest Group today.
danbri: "RDF Templates work in a similar fashion to XSLT. However, instead of acting upon an XML document, an RDF Template acts on an RDF graph."
danbri: Related RDF-meets-XSLT work for compare/contrast, RDF Twig ("a set of XSLT extension functions for Saxon and Xalan to provide access to RDF graphs stored in the Jena repository"), and TreeHugger (" tries to make an RDF graph look like an ideal RDF/XML serialisation").
JimH: talk given at UK e-science meeting
JimH: sorry for pdf link, will create a better pointer when time permits
JimH: US Govt CIO "Knowledge Management" council announced this special interest group
JimH: title is "Taxonomy and Semantics"
DanC: internet draft 19-Aug-2003. one for the reading list.
DanC: found via ongoing
danbri_dna: "5 September 2003: The RDF Core Working Group has released six Working Drafts in response to Last Call comments. "
sbp: zoyd is proposing to model distros/isos in RDF, possibly as an FOAF extension
sbp: Wack's outline: [ a foaf:Person; foo:hasCDToShare [ a foo:LinuxDistro; rdfs:seeAlso <>; foo:image <>; foo:name "Slackware"; foo:versionMajor "9" ] ] .
Wack: examining possibility to use freshmeat url's as resource/release uri's
zoyd: could be very useful for GNU/Linux User Groups. The group's website can dynamically construct a CD library this way.
zoyd: and then there is which appears to have more information and an exhausting list of distros
Wack: has some information available as RDF (rss 0.9); Latest Packages and Latest Distributions
Wack: the rss feeds links directly to iso image url's or the next closest thing (source tar balls etc)
mdupont: Looking for help with porting to IL and with GUI design and testing
mdupont: Am planning a redland interface to replace the own language so that it understands RDF natively
ekrsulov: Proceedings available on-line
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