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last updated at 2003-08-31 18:13
mdupont: This might be interesting for the CWM crew to squeeze out some more performance.
mdupont: QUOTE """In short: run your existing Python software much faster, with no change in your source.Think of Psyco as a kind of just-in-time (JIT) compiler, a little bit like Java's, that emit machine code on the fly instead of interpreting your Python program step by step. The result is that your unmodified Python programs run faster."""
danbri: Anyone tried it?
danbri: "...where Psyco shines is when running algorithmical code --- these are the first pieces of code that you would consider rewriting in C for performance. If you are in this situation, consider using Psyco instead! You might get 10x to 100x speed-ups"
mdupont: here is another mention of the semantic web MentionMail
mdupont: more hate Tunes """Finally, you may wonder where do these technologies or similarly-aspiring ones like XML or Tim Berners-Lee's Semantic Webs fail (aside from the relatively verbose nature of the syntax). The answer lies in the limitations of the expressiveness of the format, and how the notion of environment can implicitly get in the way. """
mdupont: Cont:"""The history of Lisp can testify to this where often the nature of the level of flexibility in the environment greatly affected the usefulness of whatever language features were there. Also, the substructural logics field explicitly addresses the limitations imposed when relying on predicate logic and other very similar logics, as the Semantic Web idea does. """
mdupont: See also the tune definition of Ontology
mdupont: My current mailing with tunes Here
mdupont: Quotes from Brian's response for review : """Arrow's use of the term "ontology" relates to the philosophy of Martin Heidegger, and is more poetic than technical. The Semantic Web's turn on it is related to "formal ontologies" whose research started in the 1980's on knowledge representation and is basically a really limited, fairly useless perversion of the idea."""
mdupont: Put an emphasis on <emp>fairly useless perversion of the idea.</emp>
mdupont: more quotes """The Semantic Web is one possible reification, within an inefficient (less-expressive in a few ways) XML format (or syntactic equivalent), and is only one standard, even if it is a meta-standard. Yes, it's useful, but it's not of the same scale or scope."""
mdupont: Here is a more concise and silly misrepresentation of the www TunesVsCGI
mdupont: Quote """CGI scripts do allow dynamic generation of documents, but are a crippled low-level way to do that, and do NOT allow browsing of meta-document. """
mdupont: More """The Web is but yet another kind of coarse-grained client/server crap ...."""
mdupont: more gems of enlightenment """Also, using URLs is like having to work with pointers, not objects, in an environment with an unreliable buggy moving GC. It just can't work, so that a reliable meta- browsing server on the WWW cannot include meta-browsable external references."""
mdupont: This inserts bogus namespace attributes into your XUL xml so that rapper can rip it
mdupont: Needs the hacked CleanWriter module
mdupont: example output is here
mdupont: Strange rapper error rapper: Error - URI file:button.rdf:115 - Literal property element field has property attributes
mdupont: Typical error :Error - URI file:button.rdf:143 - property element binding has multiple object node elements, skipping.
mdupont: BUG rapper: Error - URI file:///home/mdupont/XUL/button.rdf:29 - property element property has multiple object node elements, skipping. this line number is wrong. It is not counting the line numbers of the CDATA Section.
mdupont: An introspector report extracted from the gcc and processed by cwm into an condenced form.
mdupont: It its the source code to a lisp engine that has a program loaded to process a smalltalk language.
mdupont: L29 is a large 222k function that is written in lisp. this rdf representation should have some interest to lisp and semantic web interested people.
mdupont: project is an instance new owl project.owl vocabulary. Extracted from the .i file of the compiler, each include file is parsed and a tree is built. all stored in rdf. this is great for getting a handle on your source code.
mdupont: Init Object this is the ini function that is used by the ECLS to initialize all the elements of the data structures needed for the other functions in the object.c file.
mdupont: Global an 1.4MB n3 file containing all the global data from the compilier while compiling the object.c file
mdupont: Project CWM a project file that describes all the files and directories involved. Used the great CWM tool to clean it up.
mdupont: Project Selector the beginnings of the data for select function to filter out all delcarations in only these interestings directories.
mdupont: The idea of TUNES Metatext seems to be what the semantic web is, but they say it is much much better.
dmiles: this planner is written in prolog that uses it planning abilities to prove causes that normally are tested from infernce engines
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