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last updated at 2003-08-30 23:17
JibberJim: My initial thoughts on unifying a couple of RDF image vocabs as followed up from wednesdays chat.
danbri_dna: Excellent, thanks for taking the time to write this up. One thing to think about is foaf's notion of depiction/depicts versus one that does the same thing for regions/areas of a picture. We can probably write N3ish rules to explain the relationship...
danbri_dna: ie. if a part of an image depicts a Squirrel, then the image depicts a squirrel.
danbri_dna: Similarly in FoafAxioms, we have stuff like, if a thumbnail depicts something, so does the image its the thumbnail of.
mdupont: This is a prototype of a Scheme-Like representation of programs in rdf.
mdupont: Please review and comment the following properties :
mdupont: The scope object :Scope rdf:Comment """A scope list, basically just a triples list""" ; rdf:Type owl:Class .
mdupont: see also the DOC here for more info.
danbri_dna: I missed this 1st time round (Jan 2003)
mdupont: These are a set of classes extracted from the Arrow system
mdupont: They might be of interest to the semanticweb researchers because they have an alternative ontology for Graphs and Relationships that could be applied to the semantic web.
mdupont: QUOTE """A term coined within the Tunes Interfaces subproject for the use of higher-order objects to deal with and relate hypertext systems."""
mdupont: QUOTE """Generally this encompasses the same kinds of ideas as Tim Berners-Lee's "Semantic Web" project, but the Tunes philosophy makes for a qualitatively different approach. """
mdupont: QUOTE:"""Mainly, by not relying on the least common denominator of development tools, the typewriter-style text editing context, the issues with identity and ontology are more relevant to the actual domains than their representations in XML-based formats."""
mdupont: QUOTE"""Furthermore, a finer grain of referencing is possible due to the manner in which objects should be (de/re-)composable within Tunes semantics. """
mdupont: This is very similar to the work being done now by the introspector project. The de/re-composable objects are in the introspetor handled by RDF gateways and de-reassemblers, not by rewriting everything in lisp/smalltalk or someother funky language.
mdupont: In text format from mdupont, using pstotext and ispell
mdupont: This document represents IMHO an alternative view on the semantic web
mdupont: It is one of the motivating documents of TUNES project
mdupont: See the original document here
mdupont: Brian's homepage is here
mdupont: Personally, I think he is talking about the semantic web, contains references to ontologies and reification.
mdupont: But there is no reference to the semantic web. Still, I would like somone who is more experienced than me to comment on it.
mdupont: See the tunes cliki page here
mdupont: And the citeseer page here for more references.
mdupont: The publication date for this document was January 6, 2000
mdupont: The semantic web and rdf predates this by at least 2 years RDF Timeline at the bottom
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