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last updated at 2003-08-24 17:15
GNUWookie: used the command line ~/cwm/ data/treecc.n3 extract-lines.n3 --rules --filter=user-defined-files.n3 > data/treecc-parser-names.n3
GNUWookie: See also info.h names
GNUWookie: See also input.h names
GNUWookie: See also All names - this is the unfiltered intermediate output
GNUWookie: The next step is to take the { :id :name "Blah_Boo"; a :type } into :id-type-Blah-Boo.
GNUWookie: Similar to the smoke:uri from jql
GNUWookie: But using the rdf attributes, maybe using cwm builtins to do the transformations
GNUWookie: Then we should be create an OWL ontology directly from the header file.
GNUWookie: See also User defined Files filter
GNUWookie: See also User defined nodes filter
GNUWookie: These filters will remove and line number items
GNUWookie: The user-defined-files will extract just the :filename-parse elements
GNUWookie: USAGE:~/cwm/ data/treecc.n3 extract-lines.n3 --rules --filter=user-defined-files.n3 > data/treecc-parser-names-final.n3
GNUWookie: Read in the n3 dump, add in the code to extract the lines, think about it, and then filter out just the wanted information
GNUWookie: it looks like the user-defined-files was broken, just uploaded a newer
jql: look at the bottom for the RDF part
GNUWookie: actually, go look at XmlRepresentationCWM
GNUWookie: This might be interesting for cwm
GNUWookie: Defines new predicates cwm:builtin that maps a cwm:FunctionBase to a rdf:Property
GNUWookie: Also defines the following properties of internal CWM functions :
GNUWookie: Function,FunctionBase,HeavyBuiltIn,LightBuiltIn,ReverseFunction
GNUWookie: Derived from parrot m4 module freeze file parser
libby: compare this rather less informative article from the main section of the Observer
libby: also Naughton's footnotes page
DanC: ew... "irish potatoe famine" reference... are the British still pretending that wasn't caused by the British?
DanC: After a bit of research, e.g. an EPA article it seems that a lack of diversity was a prominent factor in the famine. But the same article notes "Although the potatoes were ruined completely, plenty of food grew in Ireland that year. Most of it, however, was intended for export to England."
danbri: Further potato reading... English views of the famine, from a collection of potato famine resources.
danbri: Potato famine curriculum materials have more details w.r.t. blame etc. (see under 'Exports').
shellac: John Naughton is Irish, for those who care
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