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last updated at 2003-08-20 21:21
karlcow: Or why RDF has made our life easier.
karlcow: first XSLT used to start the rdf version from the xml
DanC: nifty!
DanC: e.g. schema checker results for the RDF calendar schema
libby: there are a few bugs - it fails stupdly if the xml/RDF is invalid
calendar meet agenda item H:IDs for events
libby: seesummary email
calendar agenda item G: Interpretation properties and timezones
libby: see action libby, and email to RDFcalendar and wiki page
mortenf: see also reply from mortenf that has yet to make it to the list
libby: ACTION libby summarise this discussion and send to www-rdf-interest
calendar meet agenda item F: regression tests for .ics->.rdf and vice-versa
libby: seemorten's action
mortenf: continues...
mortenf: some progress, comments welcome...
calendar meet agenda item E: prodid schemas
libby: see action libby
DanC: hmm... we agreed on a design for taking X- properties into RDF... but what about the other direction?
libby: continued
RDF calendar meet today
danbri: W3C's mailing lists are currently bogged down thanks to this pest.
DanC: RMX records please!
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