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last updated at 2003-08-13 16:19
dajobe: an archive system for Learning Objects and Learning Components. It is built upon international standards for learning technology and metadata. Such as IMS, Dublin Core, IEEE/LOM and RDF
dajobe: new snapshot out 2003-08-05
ericP: shows how ugly re-reification can get
danbri: Pretty ancient doc I wrote on RDF and PNG when at ILRT (1999/2000)
danbri: Origins of FOAF 'depicts'/'depiction' and use of Wordnet. Scenario taken from Guha's example in our QL'98 position paper.
quick and dirty camera manufacturer EXIF support survey idea
_joshua: use to fetch some random pictures
_joshua: identify manufacturer by filename via
JibberJim: Example RDF it produces
JibberJim: dodgy schema Needs Work!
exif/rdf actions
libby: <danbri> ACTION: Karl to review Kanzaki's schema, check it validates, and (w/ danbri) help w/ any English translations needed
libby: <danbri> ACTION: danbri to invite Kanzaki's to help move a copy of his schema to namespace URI
libby: <danbri> ACTION: danbri to investigate copyright/IP issues re hosting an Exif-based RDF schema at W3C.
RDFIG RDF/Exif meeting
danbri: See announcement, ESW:ImageDescription for background materials
danbri: time: now (aka 1300UTC for 1hr)
danbri: Goals: compare/contrast RDF/XML representations of Exif photo metadata, show'n'tell...
mortenf: See also pointers to exif schemas
danbri: Attending: Dan Brickley (W3C (dayjob) / FOAF (side project)), interest in mixing Exif metadata with content description using Wordnet, SVG etc).
mortenf: Morten present; interested in general image description
libby: attending libby miller ILRT/foaf, general images description
chrisGoad: Attending Chris Goad; also interested in general image description
sniffles: Steph Troeth; ditto
verbosus: Antonio Cavedoni present: I'm interested in writing an application to manage my digital pictures, using EXIF and RDF as the metadata infrastructure.
marccanter: Attending (West Coast/multimedia/blog nerd) Here 'cause Greg Elin asked me to, will rock teh house once the music starts
karlcow: Attending:Karl Dubost (W3C(dayjob)) / Cow (night job), interest in having a single reference for a rdf schema language to describe pics with exif and IPTC.
danbri: See also full chat transcript
Bert: Attending: Bert Bos (W3C), interested in using DC (and anything else that is easy to use) inside XMP inside JPEG, for my personal photo collection.
GregElin: Attending: Greg Elin Interested in image description, metadata, new to RDF. Working on software to manage image as plurality of objects
pete: Attending Peter Kaminski (Socialtext, Social Software Alliance)
maxf: AttendingMax Froumentin general interest in image annotation.
shellac: attending
danbri: Agenda fodder: SVG update; Copyright issues; Versioning; ...
danbri: SVG + image metadata (Dean)
danbri: See also Exif website.
danbri: Exif RDFS beauty contest compare and contrast.
_joshua: french document explaining various iamge metadata formats, lots of good links even if you do not speak french.
_joshua: IPTC standards - assuming it's the "JPEG File Information" bit.
libby: pete's exif resources page
libby: mortenf's exif to rdf extractor
libby: more exif information and references
Wack: The basic idea is that is a rdfs:subClassOf the rdfs:Property class.
Wack: Thay way, any form:Field instances I make are rdfs properties as well, although not vice versa per-se :/
earle: "[The] features will unite the semantic web and the dotnet world. Programs and Executions can be treated as data, Data can be treated as Logical statements and fed into proof engines."
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