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last updated at 2003-08-09 16:01
GNUWookie: This is a CHUMP of an older entry
GNUWookie: this has huge amounts of lists in it
GNUWookie: See also the n3 output of cwm CWM.N3
GNUWookie: For example :id-1 <node_fields:args> :id-4.
GNUWookie: And this is an example of a chain ":id-406 <node_fields:expr> :id-428; <node_fields:line> "289"; <node_fields:next> :id-429; <node_fields:tree-code-ref> <node_types:expr_stmt> ."
GNUWookie: so you have chains of items connected by <node_fields:next>
ericP: Some use cases for tracking attributions through a database insert and query
libby: the begiinings of a writeup for it
libby: moz and IE windows - uses Jim Ley's javascript RDF tools and 'web services'
libby: sample output
CaptSolo: RDF schema for modelling resumes (CV)
CaptSolo: Done for master thesis in 2002.
CaptSolo: (thesis itself is available on the page, but it had to be in Latvian, so not a lot of you will be able to understand it)
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