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last updated at 2003-08-08 22:56
GNUWookie: Is the start of a marking up of the DOTGNU execution engine, extracted from the GCC compiling the pnet/engine. TImbls CWM helped clean up the n3.
This is the title
This is the title
danbri: Related piece on xml schema design patterns.
danbri: Also (this is closer to the paper I'm hunting for, but not it) XML Schema: Best Practices - Composition versus Subclassing.
Extreme Markup: on Thompson, Sperberg-McQueen talks
danbri: By MaxF w/ help from French W3C team in IRC.
danbri: On Web standards, XML, RDF and suchlike. (realaudio)
danbri: Nearby: Paul's
danbri: Pretty short piece, but always interesting to hear a voice you've only previously read...
danbri: IMHO he's spot on with the web as spreadsheet prediction...
danbri: see also XML Web Service-Enabled Office Documents, from Microsoft.
MarkB: and also KnowNow's Excel Connector
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