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last updated at 2003-08-02 21:42
danbri_dna: dajobe suggests we could use rdf datatyping to attach some more info to xml literal nodes
danbri_dna: also i think their escaping of html markup is obnoxious and not to be encouraged...
dajobe-lap: there are combinations of xml attrs that might mean several datatypes. Maybe just pick one.
dajobe-lap: Maybe <content type='text/html' mode='escaped' rel='fragment'>FOO</a> could be 3 properties, <contentType>text/html</>, <content rdf:datattype="...">FOO</> and <contentRel>fragment</>
dajobe-lap: oh god: ContentElement in Nonameyet format
danbri_dna: "Microsoft's Windows NT operating system uses an embedded Prolog interpreter to configure its local and wide-area network systems."
danbri_dna: MaxF didn't believe me when I told him about this...
danbri_dna: /me tells maxf that Longhorn embeds a C# rewrite of Cwm...
dajobe-lap: blogs with semantic web, rdf, foaf related topics either regularly, or now and then
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