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last updated at 2003-07-09 17:40
RDF calendar agenda item F: skical optimeset
libby: not discussed
RDF calendar agenda item E: InterpretationProperties esp as applied to timezones
libby: not discussed
RDF calendar agenda item D: regression tests for ics->rdf and/or rdf->ics
libby: see motenf's action item
DanC: irc log
mortenf: seeAlso Round-tripping experiences...
DanC: hmm.. good fodder for CwmTips
DanC: notes on java implementation by libby includes testing notes
libby: there's a little more information about the java comparison in the makefile
DanC: Makefile updated to do one round-trip test...
DanC: ... requires new graphCompare.n3
DanC: still todo: make something bad happen if the test fails
RDF calendar agenda item C: prodid support to
RDF calendar meeting today 2003-07-09, 1600 UTC
libby: 2003-07-09, 1600 UTC
DanC: last time: 25 June
DanC: see also rdf calendar task force list archive, wiki topic, and workspace
libby: libby miller attending
mortenf: Morten Frederiksen attending
DanC: Dan Connolly attending
danbri: Dan Brickley attending
libby: next meet 2003-07-30, 1600 UTC
mortenf: Sorry, Forbidden
sandro: sorry, you can always use:
sandro: or whatever, browsing from or actually CVS checking out from there.
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