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last updated at 2003-05-15 18:36
DanCon: Connolly to joint-committee, 16 May 2001
DanCon: Connolly to joint-committee May 2001
dajobe: this shows using "rdfs:isDefinedBy to connect classes and properties to ontologies" in DAML. It would be good to see this in OWL work as advice or more
DanCon: a Nick Arnet moment... "cyber-gurus, framed by colourful PowerPoint presentations reminiscent of stained glass ..."
DanCon: cf The Internet and the Anti-net, Arnett at WWW '94
DanCon: stained glass connection is indirect... "Advertisers today, like the church in the Dark Ages, rely on a "push" model of providing information, presented as truth that is not to be questioned."
alberto: see test number 13 which tells 0 numrows
alberto: the original query instead is like select ?y from <something.rdf> where (?x,<rdf:type>,<rss:item), (?x,<rss:title>,?title)....
alberto: when you convert the query to n-triples you loose the info about which var/bindings was asked - the only place where is mentioned is the result set, which is not inlined into the manifest itself
libby: you can grab them by loading the results though
Where are we up to/preparation for WWW2003 birds of a feather meeting (BOF) (rdf query testcases agenda item F)
libby: ESW wiki Budapest meeting page
libby: ACTION all: add names to the page
libby: ACTION libby - update that page with ideas for discussion
Report on Topic maps QL and RDF QL BOF at XMLEurope 2003 (rdf query testcases agenda item E)
libby: TMQLBOF
libby: action libby summarise in an email to www-rdf-rules
Actions update (rdf query testcases agenda item D)
libby: tests in ntriples
libby: RESOLVED: (p1): to have datatypes tests in the 'core' set of simple conjnctive queries
libby: 2003-05-15, 1430UTC
libby: attending libby miller
alberto: alberto
AndyS: Andy Seaborne
DanCon: also: irc log
dajobe: see the Jena2 page (although the download isn't there right now)
dajobe: so get it from the Jena sourceforge site
AndyS: Download: Jena2 preview 3
dajobe: sourceforge is currently sucking, so be prepared to wait
dajobe: which I guess explains why his homepage is a 404 :)
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