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last updated at 2003-05-14 16:26
next meeting date and time (calendar meet agenda item M)
libby: see how do we know when we're done
libby: probable date of next mmeeting Wednesday, June 11, 2003, at 16:00:00 UTC
libby: possible agenda items: DanC on roundtripping; InterpretationProperties and timezones; Katie Capps Parlante on Chandler
Useful vocbularies for events (e.g. location, topic (rss)...) (calendar meet agenda item L)
libby: ACTION libby look at skical optimeset and report back
Face to face meet at www2003? (calendar meet agenda item K)
InterpretationProperties, esp as applied to timezones (calendar meet agenda item J)
libby: see esw wiki InterpretationProperties page
libby: libby miller attending
mortenf: Morten Frederiksen present.
libby: DanC sent his apologies
libby: ACTION libby send a mail to rdf-interest on this topic
Round-tripping RDF ical tests, (calendar meet agenda item I)
outstanding actions (calendar meet agenda item H)
libby: I'm happy to accept agenda proposals....
libby: 2003-05-14, 1600UTC
libby: uses the manifest and resultset format we have been discussing in irc, and also ntriples versions of the queries, for interoperability. the ntriples arebn;t proper because they can have blank predicates.
libby: RDF Query (and Rule) Testcase Repository for more information
libby: the testcases are from Jena, RDFStore, and inkling.
libby: running queries that aren;t mine through my system, I'm getting a 60-75% hit rate, lookig at number of rows at the moment only.
libby: all released under W3C consortium license, with various copyright holders.
libby: I'm so chuffed with this - thanks Andy and Alberto!
dajobe: "Sesame's own RDF parser is the default RDF parser now; it's more compliant to the specs and a lot faster than the parser included in Jena 1.6."
dajobe: no XML literal (rdf:XMLLiteral) support requried
dajobe: resolved 2003-03-20
dajobe: hmm!
Some SemWeb blogs
dajobe: Semantic Planet
dajobe: sometimes on Danny Ayers but he can't keep his semweb blog on one site, presently 404 :)
dajobe: Semaview Blog (commercial)
dajobe: @semantics weblog (commercial?)
dajobe: also semweb syndicator & content:
dajobe: and other syndication, RSS, geo sites sometimes do related stuff
dajobe: my blog of stuff not really all semweb
dajobe: Semantic Web Guide (alpha) from Andreas Harth
dajobe: nearby RDF resource guide (by me) has an RSS feed. notablog
dajobe: W3C Semantic Web news has an RSS1.0 feed too
dajobe: /me laughs at the "no tools for RDF" comment again
dajobe: Semantic Blogging Demonstrator from Steve Cayzer, HP
danja: XULPlanet blog currently looking at RPath (XPath-like queries for RDF, using for XUL GUI)
Hello rdfig syndicators, why not visit some time and say hi
danja: danja says hi! (usually read through Amphetadesk or Avantgo)
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