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last updated at 2003-04-17 22:08
DanC: well, I started reading Pepper's TAO of topicmaps and I thought I was grokking; but now I've finished that and I re-read lars's living with topicmaps, but the ideas didn't all come together.
DanC: let's try this LTM thing...
DanC: ahh... I grok LTM. revising wiki page now...
DanC: Extreme Markup 2002 closing keynote by C. M. Sperberg-McQueen
DanC: re-discovered this today while looking at some other stuff. Perhaps having seen the talk in real-time biases my view of it; I quite like it.
danbri: From telephone chat this pm, not v tidied up yet...
JibberJim: Mischump really.
dajobe: now with one less feature, bagID
dajobe: just updated the debian packages
bijan: Including (of Semantic Web Interest) what fragments identify, metadata in URIs, RDF in XHTML, and Metadata for Websites.
dajobe: review of RDF Gateway
DanC: hmm... "Server-side scripts are written in RDF Query Language, which, being based on ECMAScript, was easy to use."
dajobe: Geoff says that yes, RDF gateway speaks ECMAscript and his RDF query language (RDFQL) thus uses it
dajobe: I just noticed in the popup image, a newsfeed of this very forum
DanC: June 10-13 2003
DanC: San Francisco, CA
DanC: got a flyer for this in the mail. The "Advanced Networking Technologies" section looks kinda interesting... JXTA and all.
DanC: holy cow! price is $1795!
DanC: danbri/libby, if we had a chump syntax for getting conference/workshop info into the rdfig RSS feed, I'd probably use it regularly
DanC: but... hmm... the rdfig RSS feed only goes back a day, right?
dajobe: the chump syntax has a keywords facility, like C:->event
dajobe: it could be turned into something in the RSS feed
danbri: I added it to ESW:GeoInfo in the Wiki.
DanC_jam: can't seem to do it just using owl. had to use horn rules.
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