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last updated at 2003-04-16 18:33
libby: parsable into RDF calendar combined with RSS 1.0 using an xslt file.
libby: experimental - comments welcome
danbri: It seems to still be alive!
danbri: See Harvest: A Distributed Search System for more context.
mattb: how to make your crawler more polite to the servers it hits
libby: with code examples - great!
Resolved: some of us to meet again here in 2 weeks, same timeslot.
libby: next meet 2003-04-30, 1400 UTC
agenda J: new rdf/geo mailing list?
DanC: yes, please
chrisg05: yes
zool: yes, let's
Kake: Yes please
libby: yeah!
earle: definitely
DanC: consider
geodanbri: I would like a list, preferring semantic-web idea currently but an rdf-geo one too would be ok by me.
alberto: yes definitely interested
libby: sw list ok by me
DanC: ACTION DanC: call for discussion of time/place/people/documents/money (incl images) to
geodanbri: Next steps: DanC to circulate a proposal, in #rdfig chump too.
chrisg05: An rdf/geo mailing list might attract more interest from the GIS community than general SW list
alberto: Next steps: some examples using geo ws84_pos vocabulary with geo:Point and geo:Polygon + labelling
AOB I: DanBri re relationship to GML (chat w/ Simon Cox)
AOB H: DanC update on travel tool writeup
DanC: Semantic Web Application Integration: Travel Tools is now "finished" in a certain sense
AOB G: DanC update on DAML spatial work
Agenda item 'F': cal/geo usecase 2: describing a journey
geodanbri: ... postponed until after G
DanC: my travel schedule has lat/long info. has dates too, though not in icalendar vocab
zool: last week we briefly discussed naming routes as either a series of points
zool: or a series of journeys starting and ending at points
zool: i said i'd have a go at sketching out the former and that is at
DanC: sketch
DanC: space:name... hm... see esw:PropertiesForNaming
DanC: space:location... hmm... httpRange-14
JibberJim: A journey from London to Plettenberg Bay in RDF.
JibberJim: Also available viewed in SVG
DanC: my ltest travel itinerary, containing enough iCalendar info to import into evolution and enough geo info to plot on a map
libby: ACTION libby translate a sample bus timetable to zool/jim's formats, feedback to some list (www-rdf-calendar maybe?)
JibberJim: SVG View of DanC's route
DanC: jibberjim's tools make me wish my desktop were SVG-happier
JibberJim: You can also use my HTML javascript page to generate DanC's RDF, in appropriate browsers.
zool: you can play with routes by talking to, visiting somewhere ('start' to see random list), saying 'en route', and following the instructions...
Agenda item E: cal/geo usecase 1: opening hours of a thing that has a place
geodanbri: previous discussion.
DanC: hmm... discussion of contexts vs. subAbstrac
DanC: this seems to be a collection of related use cases. one [offered by danbri] is: find me a vegetarian restaurant in central bristol near to the hostel I'm staying at (whose postcode is BS6 7AD / whose latlong is within 100M of ...)
geodanbri: ACTION: danbri produce some sample chef-moz based data using onion + wgs_84 vocab.
Agenda review / Actions / AOB
geodanbri: See ESW:GeoInfo for background / agenda etc.
DanC: ACTIOn libby write a converter from chefmoz opening housr format to rdf calendar format (or icalendar format maybe?) [continues]
geodanbri: DanBri drafted 'geonion' page.
geodanbri: Continued, ACTION danbri to have a draft of the 'concentric circles'
DanC: reviewed actions from log of 9Apr meeting
DanC: folks who want to be recorded as attending will please say so as a comment on this item
DanC: duration: 1hr, thru 1500Z
DanC: chair: geodanbri
geodanbri: Dan Brickley, W3C.
JibberJim: Jim Ley
mortenf: Morten Frederiksen
zool: jo walsh
earle: Earle Martin
Kake: Kake
libby: libby miller
mattb: Matt Biddulph
alberto: Alberto Reggiori
dirkx: Dirk-Willem van Gulik
chrisg05: Chris Goad
wkearney99: Bill Kearney
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