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last updated at 2003-04-03 20:02
pepper: Includes gentle introduction to published subjects
DanC: see also discussion in SubjectIndicator and nearby HashURI and such.
DanC: bug: "This URI actually resolves to the following information resource:". no, the contact#me URI doesn't; the contact URI does.
DanC: figure heading should be "A representation of the information resource at"
DanC: nope: "So we have one and the same URI being used to identify two quite distinct subjects, Eric Miller himself, and the resource that contains information about Eric Miller." <> identifies the document and <> identifies the person.
DanC: see also The Myth of Names and Addresses
danbri_lap: Now with a heap of links / bacground material migrated from a www page I made in January when surveying state of play...
danbri_lap: It's pretty raw, but I found a ton of good stuff.
DanC: I put some energy into organizing it in Q&A format
jhendler: see yesterday's chump, but use this URI
dajobe: past issues at DAML newsletter site
jhendler: note DAML -> DAML+OIL -> OWL
jhendler: (could people have forgotten DAML so soon? ahh, fickle fate!)
jhendler: My students got me a cake for my bday
jhendler: Baker had a little trouble understanding the markup...
jhendler: but it's the thought that counts.
DanC: Happy birthday, Jim!
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