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last updated at 2003-03-28 20:45
jhendler_: See note on "semantika"
jhendler_: humo(u)r released to celebrate WOWG decision to move documents to Last Call
jhendler_: A little humor/humour from the WOWG world. Mostly inside jokes, but thought some on this list might enjoy.
danbri: "XML has been used enough now that some high-level patterns are starting to emerge. Some patterns revolve around the low-level details of good schema design, like those put together by Dare Obasanjo in "W3C XML Schema Design Patterns"; but when you have a blank sheet of paper in front of you and you're ready to start designing your new XML format, you want patterns to guide you at a higher level. "
danbri: "This article attempts to document a few whole-document design patterns that have proven themselves in the field."
danbri: I've only skmmed this for now, looks interesting. Uses DC in RDF example, using XML schema composition.
danbri: "One of the strong arguments for Composition -- aside from the well-documented programmer's virtue of laziness -- is that you can lean on the more specialized knowledge of others. The people who put together Dublin Core put a lot of thought into how to best represent document metadata. They have been doing it since 1994. Most likely, you've been thinking about how to put meta-information into your document since two paragraphs ago. "
DanC: I'm hoping we develop a Semantic Web pattern language in the ESW Wiki
danbri: ..."There's no match. So your choice is either to get taken down by an angry librarian who's breaking noses and taking names or reuse the work. This design pattern recommends the latter."
danbri: I'm not quite sure what a SW pattern language would be, but I've high hopes for the Wiki as a place for scribbling and refining notes on realworld SW problem solving.
danbri: In a sense, ontologies individually capture 'patterns', perhaps the Wiki provides more human-oriented documentation on how ontologies fit together to solve problems...?
bitsko: For the Dynamic Document pattern, RDF can also be considered a "Known Use" in the marshalling context as persistence or encoding uses.
danbri: "We should be able to use the (Semantic) Web to find out when businesses are open for business."
danbri: First cut at summarising from email threads. I like the idea of using Wiki for this, but have a practical hurdle: how to quote XML markup examples?
danbri: RTFM time...
DanC: {{{ <xml-markup-here/> }}} , with apology for neglecting to CheckSpecAndCite
danbri: cf esw:ContentSelection4SemanticWeb
WishList++: backlink bookmarklet
DanC: surely somebody's done this, yes?
danbri: "In order to allow interoperability between SVG content generators and user agents dealing with maps encoded in SVG, SVG encourages the use of a common metadata definition for describing the coordinate system used to generate SVG documents."
danbri: "Such metadata should be added under the 'metadata' element of the topmost 'svg' element describing the map. They consist of an RDF description of the Coordinate Reference System definition used to generate the SVG map."
danbri: I hadn't noticed this before. Very interesting. Anyone studied it in detail?
DanC: added to wiki list of RDF calendar agenda requests
bitsko: Revision notes for Geography Markup Language (GML) 2.0 indicate "purged RDF remnants". GML is now at 3.0. Only GML 1.0 had an RDF profile.
danbri: I also have some Geo notes in the Wiki, and on the sketchy geo vocab workspace I started in January.
danbri: Also related to the 'opening hours' rdf cal use case discussions and the EventDiscovery use case. Finding opening hours is one thing, finding relevantly local open businesses is another...
danbri: Code is in CVS on
danbri: This is great, but I now want to figure out how to run it server side...
JibberJim: but it's much more interesting on the client, as it demonstrates how parsing some RDF on the client, can then make the client go and request other relevant RDF docs for more information.
DanC: 10 - 24 June 2003
DanC: Roma, London, Munich, Athens and Brussels
DanC: hmm... news to me.
Is anyone using XSLT to style RDF?
bitsko: like a FOAF-box or RSS-box, for example.
bitsko: append answers to chump item B:, thx!
DanC: like this formatted participants list?
DanC: I think we've got some RDF schemas styled with XSLT too... RyanLee?
DanC: hmm... another for FaqIdeas?
DanC: based on google's backlink service, for example
dom__: the RDF Schema formatter uses XSLT to style RDF Schemas
dom__: (see it in action on the PEDAL RDF schema if your browser is XSLT-happy)
dajobe: these very chatlogs
danbri: Not DL or Lite though
danbri: Hmm it seems to guess ObjectProperty and DataProperty from triples in the schema, eg. for some reason concludes ObjectProperty(rdfs:seeAlso) without imho any obvious justification.
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