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last updated at 2003-03-27 23:46
libby: saucy postcard idea delighful saucy postcard idea from Danny Ayres ;)
danbri: we're also wondering about a map of semantic web researchers in Europe.
danbri: It's perhaps more English than European, but funny anyways :)
danbri: Here are results of first tests.
danbri: Assuming this is wired up OK, wonder where to start with the fixups...
danbri: grep Mistaken ts_rdftests-out.txt finds 37 'mistakes'
danbri: I'd get better stats out of the testing machinery if I didn't treat this as one huge test with a lot of assertions (see recent puzzling over testing techniques).
danbri: This is solely in terms of accepting/rejecting legal or illegal files. Haven't got to number of triples yet, let alone whether the triples were right.
DanC: note number of triples isn't relevant. graph matching is all that matters.
danbri: I wanted a sense of whether this was going to be a very expensive exercise (in which case I'll concentrate on calling Redland's parser) or whether with a little effort this is a usable parser.
dajobe: nice to see the three OWL versions(?)
dajobe: some example links would be nice
dajobe: let's try with the Wine ontology
dajobe: it's OWL Full, and not any of the others - but fails to import an ontology
DanC: one of a growing list (well, 2 now) of OWL Tools
larsbot: Appears to be problems with this one. The foaf schema makes it very unhappy.
dajobe: including an OWL Validator
libby: RESOLVED: drop rs:ResultTable, noting that it is equalivalent to rs:ResultSet
AndyS: Vocabulary changes done
RDF Query tests meet agenda item 4. (K) regularity of meetings, next meeting time and date
libby: see agenda
libby: RESOLVED to meet 14:30 UTC every 2 weeks, thursdays until end May 2003
libby: 14:30 UTC
RDF Query tests meet agenda item 3. (J) RDF query events at www2003?
libby: see agenda
libby: postponed
RDF Query tests meet agenda item 2. (I) Proposed manifest vocabulary
libby: see agenda
libby: see testcases discussion document
libby: and www-rdf-rules announcement
danbri: "While modeling the RDF vocabulary we tried to capture the very general case when a given RDF query has several different input sources, multiple query graph patterns and possibly several different output result sets."
libby: danbri and libby plan to implement manifest format
libby: alberto will start my "my" new one (manifest)
RDF Query tests meet 1. (H) Proposed resultset vocabulary and example
libby: see agenda
libby: RESOLVED: drop rs:ResultTable, noting that it is equalivalent to rs:ResultSet
libby: RESOLVED: drop rs:ResultRow, noting that it is equivalent to rs:ResultSolution
libby: ACTION libby implement the resultset format for next meet.
libby: alberto, danbri and jeen plan to implement resultset vocab soon
AndyS: Vocabulary changes done
danbri: I want to package some queries and a testcase manifest with these sample files
danbri: "This document describes an RDF vocabulary to express machine-processable RDF Query Test cases to support interoperability testing among several different RDF query implementations, the creation of a test cases repository and the design of the machinary for mapping between different query syntaxes."
danbri: Dan Brickley attending
libby: libby Miller attending
AndyS: Andy Seaborne
Jeen: Jeen Broeksta attending
alberto: Alberto Reggiori
DanC: interesting bulk file distribution mechanism. Anybody tried it?
migrated ESW wiki from twiki to MoinMoin
DanC: twiki service no longer writeable. writes fail silently :-{
DanC: new service does conflict detection, reasonable attribution, RSS RecentChanges
chaalsMEL: Each variant has its own URI as well - for example is the HTML representation
chaalsMEL: there are RDF and plain text variants available too - and
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