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last updated at 2003-03-10 23:04
DanC: rules to relate place names to lat/long via weather underground
DanC: hmm... they provide the traditional timezone name too... cool...
DanC: used in my RDF travel schedule
DanC: ... which isn't explicitly associated with me, yet. :-{
DanC: license?
DanC: available in RDF?
sbp`: see also Alexandria Digital Library Project (ADL) gazetteer
danbri: "Semantic Web for the Military - This page contains information about the Semantic Web for the Military Meeting in June 2001, and links to relevant pages, including some briefings given at the meeting. "
larsbot: The first working draft of the OASIS PubSubj TC has been published
larsbot: We believe this is useful for RDF as well, not just for topic maps.
dajobe: well done
larsbot: We also think this may be the cornerstone of RDF/TM interoperability, so comments much desired.
DanC: cite a source at 1st mention of Topic Maps in intro, pls. (ah... there it is at end of section: ISO/IEC 13250:2002 Topic Maps. How do I read that spec?)
DanC: likewise URI
DanC: I still don't see motivation for the subject/topic distinction in section 2.1 Subjects and Topics... unless... topics are like documents, cf httpRange-14?
DanC: section 2.2 The Identification of Subjects has me baffled too. examples, please?
DanC: I skipped ahead a bit... '3.1.3 Requirement 3' could use links back to where 'Published Subject Indicator' and 'Published Subject Identifier' are introduced
danbri: Uses javascript and Adobe SVG plugin
DanC: ah... Generating RDF Image Metadata is roughly what I was looking for
DanC: by way of Photo metadata: the co-depiction experiment
libby: generating RDF image metadata is a bit out of date and unfinished, esp doesnt do hashed mboxes. Also is slow and annoying to use!
libby: the most annoying bit is copying and pasting and saving and adding to the database. Guess I could fix that...
libby: add RDF to the swordfish db
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