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last updated at 2003-03-07 20:43
libby: "Jones explains how this works by talking about how searches for digital photos would be handled: "You don't want to search by file name, because they're all called dsc035.jpg. You want to search, 'show me the pictures I took last month,' 'show me the pictures of me and my wife,' 'show me the pictures of my children,' 'show me the pictures from Christmases.'"
libby: "The search tool sounds similar to the popular Google search engine, but turned inward into the computer rather than out onto the World Wide Web."
libby: "But Allchin bristled at the comparison. "Google's a very nice system, but compared to my vision, it's pathetic," he said."
libby: sounds sorta like RDF queries to me. but maybe that's just me... ;)
areggiori: XP successor Longhorn goes SQL, P2P
danbri: Draft overview page. No tests yet, am collecting background materials.
danbri: Links to existing test machinery for RDF systems -- if I've missed any, add a link here and I'll update the page.
areggiori: See RDFStore RDQL tests (CVS) regression tests in perl and RDQL syntax tests
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