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last updated at 2003-01-14 22:06
mdupont: 12mb b2zip tar
mdupont: 12091 KB total
mdupont: cvs -z3 co introspector
mdupont: cvs login
mdupont: The class record_type represents structs, unions, classes and interfaces in c,c++ and java in the gcc
mdupont: The class field_decl represents the member of a class
mdupont: in the introspector rdf model, the class has a property flds that points to the first member of class
mdupont: the members have a reverse relationship via the scope field named "scpe"
mdupont: the named-ordered-collection is a augmentations the predicates flds, scpe, chan and name for this instance to create a collection
mdupont: the "chan" or chain field points to the next field in the collection
mdupont: the "name" field points to the name of a field, that is used by the hash to find members by name
mdupont: the collection class allows traversal of the collection by name, in order and reverse, and from child to parent
mdupont: In order to implement this, we will use a similar data structure in memory as used in an XML dom
mdupont: this collection is created in memory in perl for a given record_type id to populate a high speed cache of data
mdupont: it can also be used as a model for iteration where the individual fields are not loaded
mdupont: Collection::NamedOrdered->new(from => RDFClass("gcc","record_type"),to =>RDFClass("gcc","field_decl"),collection_name => "Fields",collection_field => RDFProperty("flds"), chain => RDFProperty("chan"), reverse => "Scope", reverse_field => RDFField("scpe"), name => RDFProperty("name"))
mdupont: my $collection = new Collection::NameOrdered (blah)
mdupont: $record_type = $collection->create_container($rdf_node)
mdupont: $record_type->Fields().Load($rdf_world)
mdupont: I converted all the rdf logs into ntriples
mdupont: and made them easy to grep
mdupont: extracted from
DanCon: by R.V.Guha
akuchlin: A volunteer-run Python conference, scheduled for Washington DC, March 26-28.
deltab: The public-domain timezone database (tz, zoneinfo, Olson) is used on a number of Unix systems
deltab: Vzic converts tz source into VTIMEZONE format as used in iCalendar
dajobe: changed since SVG 1.0 metdata
JibberJim: RDF vocab for SVG accessibility
dajobe: I found some discussion of RDF techniques on w3c-wai-gl
danbri: This isn't a published Note, but is probably worth a read anyway.
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