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last updated at 2002-12-19 21:00
DanConn: also in DanC's calendar though you can't see it.
danb_lap: admin info details on cvs access setup
DanConn: to www-rdf-calendar
gkgk: Look for VCALENDAR objects at end of file. I don't know if they're correct usage.
danb_lap: I've long wondered about using rdf classes to model event recurrence, btw.
gkgk: Libby also mentioned some work that Greg F has done ("Orlando"?)
DanConn: Here is Orlando
DanConn: access control experiment message provides some background
RDF Calendaring Chat
DanConn: scheduled back on 11Dec
DanConn: agenda + HTML views of calendars (e.g. palmagent XSLT stuff)
danb_lap: agenda+ Next steps with an ical based RDF cal language?
DanConn: a cal play space
dajobe: made via James Clarks' Trang converter, from the RELAX NG Compact original
dajobe: looks adequate but has lots of 'any' and 'skip' for content some of the attribute restrictions have gone or are not possible to do automatically
dajobe: trang said [[cannot represent required wildcard attribute; approximating]] near the propertyAttr term
dajobe: my earlier attempts
dajobe: well it seems to validate an example from the RDF/XML syntax wd
dajobe: excellent. I've got the relaxng compact grammar validating all the syntax examples
dajobe: [[Word 11 has been transformed into a XML editor and can be used to edit any XML document, assuming you can write a W3C XML Schema for it. ]]
dajobe: or read about OpenOffice; both claim [[XML for the masses]]
dajobe: on writing WXS [[Clark's answer to this request is simple: "don't bother with W3C XML Schema, write your schemas with Relax NG and use Trang to convert them."]]
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