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last updated at 2002-10-10 21:54
dajobe: see also the fine paper by Jeremy Carroll: Matching RDF graphs if you want to implement something efficient, like he did for Jena's model comparison
MarkB: would love to see it integrated with Dan's RDF/email work
MarkB: and then add support for every other application protocol
dajobe: great report Aaron, looks like you had a blast
danb_lap: Another XML-based schema language. This one for defining topic map structures / vocab...
larsbot: TM equivalent to RDFS/DAML+OIL/OWL, really
larsbot: currently stalled while the data model is stabilized
larsbot: the full story is in the standardization guide
danb_lap: Yup. Interesting re binary-vs-n-ary issues w/ associations...
larsbot: a better link, btw, is the requirements document
iBitsko: about 80% complete, I think. reads abbreviated syntax, typed nodes, and normalizes rdf:Seq into Perl arrays
danb_lap: Cool :)
iBitsko: converts RDF statements into Perl hashes. each key is the predicate name in James Clark's XML Namespace notation (similar to other Perl modules, rather than RDF norm), with the rdf:about key being the subject.
iBitsko: resolves rdf:resource references, replacing the reference with the corresponding Perl hash if it's been loaded
iBitsko: This module uses XML::Parser directly so should work standalone with only XML::Parser as a prerequisite. the RDF::Simple module should likely be factored out (and is already coded this way) so it works with both XML::Parser or SAX
iBitsko: Example usage, using RSS
iBitsko: runs the RDF Test Cases, but doesn't generate the corresponding output format to compare against the expected results in that format.
iBitsko: RDF::Simple is best used if you just want to slurp in RDF and use it as node-based data, similar in scope to XML::Simple, Storable, or a variety of property-list or configuration-file modules.
SOAP-RDF stuff
danb_lap: See soap2rdf.xsl and other files
danb_lap: swad-europe workplan for sw/ws work, work in progress draft on soap-serialization
danb_lap: nearby in the web, some test data in rdf and soap (currently on my own dev box as file size barfed cvs server)
danb_lap: We're looking at improved datatype support for the soap 2 rdf transformation. See earlier discussion with dave
danb_lap: Stuff to do: make soap2rdf pass datatypes through into the new RDF/XML syntax for datatypes
danb_lap: ...and then if Max updates his xslt rdf parser to consume rdf:datatype="..." syntax, we should be able to get N-Triple RDF from SOAP messages.
danb_lap: Here are a load of soap test files we're using (stripped of protocol header stuff)
danb_lap: These have elements like: <update xsi:type="xsd:dateTime">2002-01-21T18:23:52Z</update>
danb_lap: soap2rdf currently drops the datatype info on the floor.
danb_lap: new home for soap2rdf.xsl in swad-e reports directory.
danb_lap: nearby: danbri soap 1.2 adjunct -- last call review comments
danb_lap: See eg 4 from soap 1.2 primer for a soap-encoded example (but no datatypes)
danb_lap: xml-dist-app discussion of SOAP encoding test methodology
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