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last updated at 2002-09-19 18:03
DanC: LCS SEMINAR : Thursday 19 September 2002
DanC: Tim Berners-Lee
DanC: webcast, webcast2
DanC: slides
MarkB: Recently used to successfully explain why SemWeb != AI
danb_lap: Yeah, that cartoon's often come to my mind when thinking about RDF and tag soup. It's a good analogy...
danb_lap: I'm told this its the uri for the realaudio feed of an upcoming talk. There's also a 220k feed, for the bandwidth-blessed amongst us.
danb_lap: presentation slides are available.
dajobe: stick your extra crunchy HTML goodness here, not in rss:description :)
qmacro: See the crunchy goodness in all its glory in the RSS 1.0 validator
AaronSw: I did some research on this recently...
AaronSw: Malamud said something similar "Why the two slashes in http://? At the time, nobody was sure that TCP/IP would make it. So, the idea was that you could put a protocol name inbetween the slashes, such as OSI or Appletalk. The default was TCP/IP, but just in case something else conquered the world, you could simply spread the slashes and put another protocol in the middle."
tim-away: Malamud's story about network name is complete nonsense.
tim-away: Double is specialization of nary slash which is a syntactic thing to allow multievel relative names.
AaronSw: TimBL's response on the forum
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