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last updated at 2002-09-09 22:42
libby: by Rahul Singh and Terry Payne.
libby: loads of data
libby: we need to help this guy
libby: this just got posted in #rss-dev...we need to reach rss people...and we aint...
jhendler: relatively weak, weird choice of interviewees
jhendler: takes Timbl's name in vain, w/o mentioning Sem Web
jhendler: worst quote:
jhendler: Some scientists believe that by fusing the many systems of the Internet, an artificial being with the combined knowledge of, say, Albert Einstein, Richard Nixon and Britney Spears could be born
jhendler: (interesting choice of characters)
xover: Apparently, the pinnacle of AI is a criminally dishonest political animal with fake tits and a cocaine habit...
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