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last updated at 2002-07-31 23:52
AaronSw: Uses RDF/XML to store metadata.
DanCon: W3C Working Draft 29 Jul 200
dajobe: still uses owl:List, owl:first etc. - must remember to note that
dajobe: ooh, SEQ <item1> ...<itemn> maps to that form. ordering, hmm?
DanCon: yes, first/rest is an ordering mechanism. But note the semantics of things like unionOf aren't sensitive to the order.
dajobe: defns need more anchors to hang stuff on, point to. Especially when multiple things defined in a section. But 1st WD, that's how it goes
dajobe: multiple 'ntriples' on a single line - not allowed in current syntax
dajobe: doesn't cite ntriples, or link to it
dajobe: "DAM+OIL"!
dajobe: "at the time of this writing" s/this// ?
DanCon: W3C Working Draft 29 Jul 200
dajobe: appendix B, some unprefixed attributes
DanCon: W3C Working Draft 29 Jul 200
DanCon: see also: diffs and logs, i.e. the staff contact tedium involved in publishing.
dajobe: just noticed rdf:Property and rdfs:Property - easy mistake
dajobe: no references section
dajobe: see also more RSS 1.0 feeds and Redland RSS 1.0 viewer with 5 parsers
Seth: woops sailor(or rdflib) is not processing the frags correctly on '<rdf:li rdf:resource=""/>'
Seth: seeAlso today's chatlog
DanCon: Invoke ala: python esw2pd.n3 --think --purge --rdf=d >,palmStuff.rdf
DanCon: the specific link to the ESW data could be factored out.
DanCon: another approach would be to say { rss:title s:subPropertyOf pd:description } and use rdfs-rules
DanCon: v 1.2 has esw link factored out (to the command-line) and uses just the one rdfs:subProperty rule
danbri: try adding a Base param to get full (if 404) uris for each event. This is a hack.
danbri: that these URIs aren't really names for the events, and don't dereference to anything of interest. But the palmagent rdf parser expects ids on events...
tim-half: In defense of deep linking
danbri: see also deep linking returns to surface (Wired, April 18 2002)
libby: plus some thuing for syncing XML with 4 mian palm apps
DanC: platforms?
libby: not tried it yet but just what I've been looking for for syncing deliverables cross-platform
DanC: seems to rely on Palm's stuff
libby: dammit: this? Palm JSync Suite
burtonator: Example of a tested triple model for RDF???
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