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last updated at 2002-07-12 23:30
DanCon: an upcoming appearance by Liam Quin
DanCon: see also: XML-SW, a thought experiment by Tim Bray in www-tag, Feb 2002, and the following thread.
xover: "In a sense, we've already stabbed (the SGML community) in the back(...)" - Norman Walsh
xover: Well, so long as we're in agreement on that much, I'm happy. :-)
DanCon: hmm... they're talking about iCalendar DTD Document (xCal)
DanCon: ugh... NOTATIONs and such
DanCon: hmm... wonder what RELAX-NG DTD import tools, or XML Schema tools would make of that DTD
danbri: Includes some calendar examples in downlaod format (us holidays etc).
danbri: See also news://
DanCon: schedScrape.xsl -- scrape/formalize schedules from HTML to RDF
DanCon: needs a public example. hmm... maybe my homepage
DanCon: maybe could be adapted to do W3C upcoming appearances
Seth: Quads are to semenglish as N-Triples are to rdf/xml
Seth: semenglish easily written by humans, easily understood by computers
Seth: you could think of semenglish as n3 without all those dumb colons
Seth: RDF gives us no way to talk about a set of arrows; but quads, n3 and semenglish does. A set of arrows is alternatively called a context, a graph, a model, or a formula.
Seth: But without context, we'll never be able to do the semantic web .... well imho of course.
dajobe: these quads seem to have 6 things + context, +seq (an integer), + a series of alternate terminals (what are they for?) . Nice to see a formal definition of your proposal.
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