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last updated at 2002-07-10 23:36
mdupont: from Niel
mdupont: Released: 2001/09/01 11:20:32 US/Pacific
jhendler: RDF Editor
jhendler: " "
jhendler: developed by Aditya Kalyanpur of MIND
mdupont: Tulip software is a system dedicated to the visualization of huge graphs. It manages graphs with a number of elements(node and edges) up to 500.000 on a personal computer(PIII 600, with 256mo).
mdupont: is gpled
DanC: see GPL license for TUPLIP
danb_lap: Not 100% clone, as it uses XSLT instead of the RDF-based templating mechanism. See also jXUL (missing/dead site) for efforts at a 100% clone.
danb_lap: Appears to be a sourceforge project. See cvs filestash for details.
danb_lap: I chumped Jxul last year after an xmlhack article.
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