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last updated at 2002-07-06 22:34
danja: an idea development system for the Semantic Web
danja: an end-user app, RDF will be behind the scenes
danja: not much works yet, site not really public
danja: feedback appreciated
danbri: See also about the author page (in en/jp/fr) and RSS feed.
danbri: Appears to be an introduction to RDF syntax (in Japanese)
danbri: The RSS feed looks fantastic in Mozilla; there's a xsl stylesheet reference so it renders for humans as well as machines. Nice work :)
danbri: There are several other RDF-related docs on this site, covering RDF model, schema, syntax, RSS and Dublin Core, along with other Web-related topics.
danbri: The RDFS doc in particular is worth noting, as it provides a translation of the main class and property descriptions (alongside a reworking of the new diagram from the RDFS spec).
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