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last updated at 2002-06-28 22:27
DanC: perhaps handy for decoding the RFC?
DanCon: also: abnfperl stuff, evidently by SIP folk
danbri: Pretty skewed by the dataset (mostly foaf co-depiction photo metadata) but interesting to think about how harvester services might advertise their wares...
danbri: For previous thinking on this, see: QL98 paper, Query Language Issues in a Distributed Indexing Environment with Peter Valkenburg and Cross-Searching Subject Gateways - the Query Routing and Forward Knowledge Approach piece from D-Lib in 1998. When the problem is restricted to RDF it gets more interesting than generic attribute/va
danbri: See also the DAML Crawler work for more wide-area harvesting of RDF data
Seth: hyperlinks are obviously back to my local agent ... won't work for you
Seth: get your own
AaronSw: "A Proposal for the Realization of Electronic Democracy"
AaronSw: by Jon Bosak and Ken Clements
DanC: I don't buy this: "the online equivalent of shouting and character assassination, while deeply annoying, can simply be ignored without injury to the process itself."
DanC: seems all email based; doesn't seem to apply to IRC, nor to telephone calls supplemented with IRC/http
DanC: the "PAs and AI" para is a good "why the SemWeb is not a hopeless AI thing" explanation
DanC: hmm... HTTP is treated eventually... 'the machine would be much more capable and user-friendly if implemented as a web server that uses email "push" ...'
AaronSw: a novel written by Sam Joseph on his spare weekends
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