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last updated at 2002-06-26 23:06
JosD: Sergei N. Artemov CUNY Graduate Center
JosD: May 7, 2002 Talk at the New York Academy of Sciences
JosD: ...Logic of Proofs = classical logic + additional atoms proofPolynomial:Formula
JosD: ...proofPolynomial constructed from atomic proofs by elementary computable operations corresponding to modus ponens, proof checker and nondeterministic choice
DanC: by MIT Theory of Distributed Systems folk, incl. S. Garland
DanC: hmm... useful for Web Services analysis?
DanC: hmm... useful for Web Services analysis?
MarkB: nah, it's got the word "theory" in it, so clearly isn't suitable from a time-to-market perspective 8-/
DanC: interesting... their "hello world" example is a bank account, just like the paper trail bank.
DanC: see discussion of flattening, etc.
DanC: hmm... how about defining OpenSourceLicense in terms of log:content, string:scrape, and the like?
danja: a bit lighter, easier on the Palm, but very slooww
danja: also is this date last year
AaronSw: example of how to communicate metadata for a site, ala robots.txt
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